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Good shopping, shopping, specialty stationery shop

The German LAMY AL-STAR series Star gathering sketch pen, pen, pen with different colors, the official website of special offer 1150 yuan, plus a bottle of 50ML ink. (Photo by Chen Junji)
Good shopping, shopping, specialty stationery shop
Sketch gathering in Germany PELIKAN PELIKAN TWIST color pen twist for children, and a grip for beginners, practice the correct posture, color, 450 yuan. (Photo by Chen Junji)
Good shopping, shopping, specialty stationery shop
There are more than high prices have started gathering pen sketch, pen, ink, paper can then buy enough time, the clerk will recommend suitable pen to the guests. (Photo by Chen Junji)
Good shopping, shopping, specialty stationery shop
The quality of the sun is 350 yuan; the postcard is 100 yuan; on the transparent film, you want to write the words. After the sun, it will appear in the book. (Photo by Zhang Youming)
Good shopping, shopping, specialty stationery shop
Good for a variety of imported ink paper, made from recycled milk cartons, waterproof leather paper has, and the store and dried flower decoration, paper from 2 yuan to 80 yuan. (Photo by Zhang Youming)

School season is on the rise, stationery sales are booming

Bohai news network news (reporter Zhao Lifeng) with the formal primary and secondary school, supermarket Stationery sales area and street small stationery shop customer up, the reporter visited the learned, the pen, and all kinds of plastic cover and the cover especially leather sales soared.
Yesterday, the reporter saw in RT Mart supermarket, stationery sales zone hit the beginning of the school season promotional theme. Pleasant goat, Kitty cat, with Mickey Mouse and the shape and pattern brush pen, stationery set, storage tank, stationery bag etc. prices more attractive, more than 6 yuan to 25 yuan. Pencils, rulers, erasers and other school products are mostly priced at around one or two yuan. One is the selection of marker parents told reporters: “the children after school, the school teacher to buy a set of crayons for art class, so today I took the time to come to buy.”
Supermarket staff said that due to the arrival of the school season, all kinds of stationery sales have varying degrees of rise. “These days, students and parents to learn to buy appliances more, pen and paper is the fastest selling, some children suddenly bought a more than 10 cover, the turnover also doubled than before.”
The reporter found in the supermarket shelves, high-grade imported stationery and a pencil sharpener, pencil case, bags and other expensive, this kind of stationery is two or three times more expensive than ordinary stationery, but still have market. In this regard, some teachers remind parents, learning supplies simply good, should guide children to form a correct view of consumption. Learning materials should be based on the principle of practicality and should not be compared with others.

CARL, SDI, can be top 3 batches of pencil machine was detected substandard

According to the Shanghai news network quality Chinese Industrial and Commercial Bureau official website news, the recent sampling knife in 15 batches, 3 batches of unqualified, unqualified rate was 20%.
Sampling found that nominal hlemat International Trading Limited production of 1 batches of CARL pencil sharpener, nominal Shunde Industrial (Jiangsu) Limited production of 1 batches of SDI hand pencil sharpener, 1 batches of KW-TRIO joy YOYO pencil sharpener and nominal Shanghai rich-sky stationery Limited production, marking and environmental requirements of the project failed. The requirements of the national standard, manual pencil sharpener casing and packaging products should have a clear recycling logo.
According to the sampling results, the business sector has ordered the relevant operators to immediately stop selling substandard goods, a comprehensive clean-up inventory of products, in the sale of products, supervise the publicity of substandard goods operators in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations to take measures to protect the legitimate interests of consumers, and according to the investigation on the operators of substandard goods sales.
The business sector to remind consumers to buy a manual pencil sharpener, should first consider the use of safety, should have the weight of solid plastic, plastic, uniform color, no obvious color difference deformation, sag, the appearance of touch should be round and smooth, the knife shell for plastic parts, such as the design safety factor or inconsiderate the injection mold is not precise enough, there may be palpable edges and corners, sharp edges, produce tip or spill, when using a broken finger; in addition, also use the knife performance considerations, such as cutting torque should be smooth, uniform and smooth chip, pencil shape taper well with conventional, no obvious bias, chip the box and the shell parts with good sealing, cutting process should not have a chip chip box leakage, import flexible, loose slip phenomenon.

KW-TRIO color lead pencil sharpener, focus and art students

Summer vacation has just passed, the school season will come soon, many parents during the summer vacation to let children learn talent, and hope that their children can contact more new things. In fact, do not say that children will go to an interest class on Sunday, and now even adults should have their own hobbies to cultivate their temperament.
There’s a superb collection of beautiful things, the color of lead drawing is now the most popular interest, in addition to training sketch painting skills, but also learn to observe and focus, while once popular picture books, this wave can not stop, every kind of surrounding stationery have been released, silver, a good selection for the color of lead, also need to a good tool to help you extend the life of color lead.
There are different traditional design of new functions
KW-TRIO has always been dissatisfied with the status quo, continued to develop new possibilities, accumulated more than 40 years of strength, through investigation and research, to explore the voice of consumer demand. General pencil sharpener is not suitable for the color of lead, because the color of lead core is very soft, plus the thickness of the core will be because of the need of painting, and different thickness adjustment is harsh to the requirements of the nib. KW-TRIO will this need considering in the design, the use of special cutting knife core, color lead core is not easy to be broken, can a diameter of 7-11.6mm, the setting knob, can adjust the pen thickness, tip blunt, no problem. And more than colored lead, the usual HB, H2, 2B, 4B… You can also sharpen the pencil.

The pencil sharpener

Pencil sharpener, including organic body, a pen clamping mechanism, a mechanism and a chip box, the box bottom is provided with a chip groove, pencil sharpener, a pencil sharpener is inserted in the positioning groove. The user can select the main working mechanism for pencil sharpener pencil pencil sharpener in the box, or remove the chip using pencil sharpener chip box; if the pencil sharpener main pencil sharpener for flat knife, the knife can be passivated chip box is removed, the replacement of the main pencil sharpener, forming a sharp knife cutting machine pen. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable design, without destroying the pencil sharpener structure and function of the chip box, a pencil sharpener, a pencil tool is convenient for the user to replace the passivation, prolong the life of the pencil sharpener, the number two can reduce the waste; and the formation of spiral hob function complementary, different needs can be met.

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